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USEF Vaccination Requirements

New vaccination rules are in effect as of 12/1/15 for the 2016 show season.  Be sure to review and comply with the requirements this show season.

Please be aware of the following new USEF rule: At Federation licensed competitions, horses entering the grounds must be accompanied by documentation of Equine Influenza Virus and Equine Herpes Virus (Rhinopneumonitis) vaccinations within six months prior to entering the stables. Horses not in compliance with this rule may be required to leave the competition grounds upon request by Competition Management. For the complete rule please go here – www.usef.org/documents/drugsMeds/2016/2016GR08845VaccineRule.pdf

Local and Regional Shows

Check out the listing of the shows offered this year! All shows, as well as schooling shows and clinics we are aware of, are also listed on the calendar. Scores from these fully recognized shows count towards the Year End Awards and Equine Achievement Awards.

UDS also recognizes local Short Tour Dressage Shows. These are a series of local shows that are not recognized by USDF or USEF. You can get started on your showing by participating in these smaller local shows. These shows are a lot of fun!

New USEF Dressage Tests for 2015 – 2018

Use the link below to find the USEF tests that will be used during the show seasons 2015 through 2018. USEF has the Training through Fourth Level Tests, Rider Tests, Dressage Seat Equitation Tests, Young Horse Tests and Developing Horse Tests.
USEF page with the links to the new tests.

USDF Dressage Test Information

Go to the USDF to get the following tests:

Use this link to find the all latest USDF Tests.

2015 Musical Freestyle Rules, Guidelines and Definitions

Para Dressage Tests

The FEI Web Site Has the Links for the FEI Tests

Follow this link to the fei.org page that lists the FEI level dressage tests.

Eventing Dressage Tests

United States Eventing Association (USEA) has the dressage tests used in Eventing.
Follow this link to find the USEA Dressage Tests.

Western Dressage Information and Tests

Maybe you did not know this, but Western Dressage is an official USEF discipline.
Follow this link to find the USEF Western Dressage Tests.