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2015 Year End Awards

2015 UDS Final Standings – Year End Awards

Training Level JYR
Champion McKenna Holliday/Faberge 72.413%
Reserve Champion Eden Thomas/Mr. Hobbs 68.635%
Training Level AA
Champion Heather Krebs/Wellcome 69.316%
Reserve Champion Lisa Jackson/Belisarus 67.377%
3rd Place Barb Progess/Gemini Princess Buttercup 64.780%
4th Place Linda Thompson/Casador RHR 62.886%
5th Place Kelsey Wooley/Aramis 61.404%
6th Place Ed Lombard/Odinson 58.587%
Training Level Open
Champion Sydni Ottesen/Miss 73.217%
Reserve Champion Cassie Benson/Toledo SVR 72.384%
3rd Place Morgen Bastow/Figaro 70.235%
4th Place Sydni Ottesen/Clever Concept 69.269%
5th Place John Larson/El Campero 66.444%
First Level JYR
Champion Mandy Rothaug/The Major Minor 64.753%
First Level AA
Champion Heather Krebs/Wellcome 67.809%
Reserve Champion Terrece Pearman/Hilara 65.308%
3rd Place Amanda Trickett/Imladris 63.585%
4th Place Kelsey Wooley/Chopin 58.015%
Second Level AA
Champion Susan Hallenberg/Ravinnia 67.531%
Reserve Champion Melanie Muirbrook/Belladonna Lily AMS 66.454%
3rd Place Karen Rawson/Sebastian 64.405%
4thPlace Heather Krebs/Wellcome 63.134%
5th Place Heather Nichols/Canterbury Cricket 61.362%
Second Level Open
Champion Danielle Thomason/Wintuition 69.981%
Reserve Champion Margo Gogan/Elnieta 69.683%
Third Level AA
Champion Heather Krebs/Tova JN 66.056%
Reserve Champion Danielle Compton/Dona Wuanita 65.613%
Third Level Open
Champion Cassie Benson/Aladine Rosenthal 65.437%
Reserve Champion Cassie Benson/Dante Nic 65.289%
3rd Place Christy Taylor/Red Fox 61.490%
Fourth Level AA
Champion Heather Krebs/Tova JN 57.682%
Prix St. George JYR
Champion Madelyn Gogan/Tai Pan 61.754%
Intermediare 1 Open
Champion Lindsay Wagner/Starlight 66.886%
Intermediare 2 Open
Champion Cassie Benson/Dominante XXIX 63.728%
Grand Prix Open
Champion Evan Hills/Megabucks 62.200%


Training, First and Second Levels

Champion Mandy Rothaug/The Major Minor 68.222%
Champion Laura Cowder/Zorro C 68.967%
Reserve Champion Melanie Muirbrook/Belladonna Lily AMS 66.700%
3rd Place Cindy Yager/Jack 66.001%

Third & Fourth Levels

Champion Faye Anderson/Brahman Ra 62.389%
Reserve Champion Heather Krebs/Tova JN 60.211%

FEI Level

Champion Andrea Lewis/Beaumont 66.695%


Charles Bering Trophy (Training Level) Christie Erickson & Eros 77.500%
The UDS Trophy (First Level) Patti Thurman & Demetria 71.029%
Oquirrh Dressage Trophy (Second Level) Danielle Thomason & Wintuition 71.154%
Anakako Melody Memorial Trophy (Third Level) Christie Erickson & Jeneral Disarrae 68.846%
Laura Williams Tolman Memorial Trophy (Fourth Level) Nancy Burchett & Hollister 60.541%
Deer Meadow Trophy (Prix St. George level) David MacMillan & Hogazan XXII 63.421%
Johanna Adolphi Trophy (Intermediaire level) Not awarded this year
Millbrook Farms Trophy (Grand Prix level) Not awarded this year
Nick Van Pelt Memorial Trophy (Musical Freestyle) Jim Hicks & Zeus 74.333%
Sean Porter Buell Trophy (Pony Test of Choice) Mandy Rothaug & The Major Minor 63.889%
Sage Creek Master’s Trophy (55 or older) Nancy Carpenter & Weerman 62.955%
Sage Creek Para Dressage Award Lara Oles & Bella 76.447%

Scholarship Recipients

AA Scholarship Heather Krebs
Open Scholarship Margo Gogan
JR/YR Scholarship Eden Thomas

Club Awards

Volunteer of the Year Award Sari Stevens
JR Sportsmanship Award Abby Spenser