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UDS Dressage Days “Get Social” Photo Contest


UDS Dressage Days

“Get Social” Photo Contest

Cool Prizes for the photo with the most “Likes” on FaceBook for each category taken at the 2016 UDS Short Tour Show or Dressage Days I & II.


UDS Show Photo Contest. Enter today for a chance to win cool UDS Swag!

The most “likes” wins. Entries and voting closes on Friday, August 26.

Post your photo as “reply” under one of the categories below:

Get Creative:

Selfie Style:

The Show Life:

A Down Centerline:

It Takes a Village:

Strike a Pose:


Category Description
“A” Down Centerline A photo taken of a competitor riding their test.
The Show Life A photo of riders grooming, tacking up, braiding, cleaning stalls, cleaning tack, feeding horses, etc.
Strike a Pose The best head shot of your horse.
Selfie Style A photo of you and your horse taken by the rider (a true selfie).
It takes a Village Team Photo A group photo of your barn or show “team”.
Get Creative A photo created using unique techniques or perspectives.  The subject of the photo can be anything on the show grounds.



  • The photos must be taken during the UDS Short Tour Show or the UDS Dressage Days Shows.
  • The photos must be posted on the UDS Facebook Page as a “reply” under the post for the category they want to enter. https://www.facebook.com/utahdressagesociety
  • The photo must be relevant to the category it is posted in.
  • The photo that receives the most number of “Likes” per category will win the prize.
  • The person that posts the photo will be awarded the prize.
  • Multiple entries per category is allowed (limit 10 per category).
  • Voting closes Friday, August 26 @ 6pm


  • No professional photographers may submit entries.
  • JR/YR may submit photos from their parent, guardian, or trainer’s FaceBook account or mobile device if they do not have a FaceBook account or mobile device of their own.
  • Inappropriate photos are forbidden and will be taken down immediately and not subject to voting.